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Great Roomy for 3-Bedroom Apartment @ great offer in Bin Mahmoud

4,800 ق.ر

This spacious 3 lovely bedroom unfurnished apartment design for you is situated in Fareej Bin Mahmoud ,Doha.

It consists of a spacious open plan living room with few steps away dining area that allows you the freedom to decorate it any way you like it which  will make you feel more at home and comfortable.

The bedroom are purposely sketched out in a homely atmosphere and has shared full bathroom.
And another bathroom that can be used by the guest as well.

This apartment features is perfectly recommended for family looking for a nice accommodation but in great offer.    

Services Include:

*Call Center

Premium location:
Near Corniche.

Surrounded by vital outlets including hospitals, malls and Doha Municipality etc  

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نوع العقار شقة
المرجع EB12-3BR-UF-Q5
عدد غرف النوم 3
عدد الحمامات 3
الفرش غير مفروش

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