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South Security Department organizes two awareness lectures

South Security Department organizes two awareness lectures

25 Apr 2017

 The South Security Department has earlier organized two awareness seminars for the staff of private security companies in charge of securing housing facilities that belong to Ezdan Real Estate Company. Event was held in Ezdan Village (10) in Al Wakra. 

First Lieutenant Mr. Abdullah Jassim al-Khater and Lieutenant Jassim Abdullah al buainain of South Security Department presented two lectures and tackled the responsibilities of the security guards of the aforesaid companies. 


First Lieutenant Abdullah al-Khater stressed that the security guard should be fully vigilant during his duties in the compound, being responsible for preserving security and safety of the residents. He added that the security agent should not allow outsiders to come in the compound, with the exception of visitors who should show their personal ID cards and provide their personal details along with the name of resident they are visiting. 


First Lieutenant Abdullah also urged the security guards not to give access to bachelors to enter family compounds/houses, or allow the gathering of young people in front of these houses, pointing out that each housing units has its privacy and no one has the right to infringe the privacy of others, and that we all must respect the authentic customs and traditions of Qatari society. 



He also highlighted the importance of wearing decent clothes, and not to contact with families or utter obscene words in front of others. Security guard must abide by ethics of talking with others and prevent any misconduct or misbehavior. On the security and safety of the compound, Mr. Abdullah said that preserving security inside the residential compounds and within its boundaries falls under the responsibility of security guards, adding that If they suspect an abnormal behavior by some residents in the area, they shall immediately inform the police through the Hotline provided by the South Security Department to the security guards of ERE residential compounds. 

He also advised that security guards should not confront with any people that raise suspicion, and that all they have to do is to report it quickly, and wait for the police patrol to arrive and deal with the incident. 

He added that in case a fire break in any part of the residential compound, the security guards must ensure that buildings are evacuated and residents are gathered in the designated assembly areas on site, without attempting to extinguish the fire, but to report the fire instead and wait for the firefighters and other competent authorities to arrive.


Public morals:

Lt. Jassim al-Buainain addressed, for his part, a number of issues related to public morals and behaviors in public places. He said: “taking photographs in the places and parks, where families are present, is prohibited, and the same applies to taking pictures of government buildings and establishments”. He also advised that there are customs and traditions of some nationalities which differ from the customs and traditions of the host country, such as the use of some signs, symbols or words that may be normal for certain expatriates, but they may carry opposite or provoking implications for locals. Therefore, we recommend that all this should be avoided, out of respect for the customs and traditions of Qatari community”.

The Public Relations’ Communities Communication Office summed up the entire lecture with an illustrative presentation, during which an extensive discussion took place. First Lieutenant Mr. Abdullah Al Khater and Lieutenant Jassim Al-Buainain answered the audience's questions and responded to their enquiries.


Sense of security:

The organization of these two lectures was part of the partnership and coordination between the South Security Department and Ezdan Real Estate Company, as an initiative launched by the South Security Department to preserve the security and public tranquility of residents at ERE compounds, and to raise the level of security sense among the security guards.