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Ezdan Reals Estate grants 8 free months for every lease at Ezdan Oasis

Ezdan Reals Estate grants 8 free months for every lease at Ezdan Oasis

30 Jul 2017

 Ezdan Real Estate Company has announced its most exclusive offer to date, which consists of 8 months free lease for every new tenant in the first phase of “Ezdan Oasis”. The project has seen the inauguration of 1,875 residential units of various sizes ranging from fully furnished 1, 2 to 3 bed room units for prospective tenants.

The units offered for lease in the first phase consist of 329 one-bedroom, 1,425 two-bedroom and 58 three-bedroom apartments. The Units are spread over 76 buildings, all of which are fully furnished with exclusive and modern furniture that take advantage of the generous space, offering ample choices for every taste.


The project’s first stage includes the opening of two mosques, sports courts, gyms and a hypermarket to provide an integrated service for tenants. Moreover, Newton British Academy, housed within the project, has announced accepting enrollments for the next year’s school season.

Commenting on the offer, Ezdan Holding Group CEO Mr. Ali Mohammed Al Obaidli, said: “We have been committed to extraordinary since the very first brick in this project. Extraordinary in terms of its surface area, design, location and services aimed at satisfying our prospective tenants, for whom we strive to provide unmatched benefits when choosing Ezdan Oasis. Based on that, we are offering 8 months free of charge rent when signing for a residential unit within the project, in addition to the full-fledged services the Oasis has to offer”.


Al Obaidli added that the Group will continue to provide special offers to residents of Ezdan Oasis throughout its four stages. This stems out of the Group’s desire to stimulate the rental process and achieve full occupancy to benefit the entire Al-Wakair area, contributing to its revival residentially and commercially, and set it to be a lively hub in Qatar.

It is worth noting that the project’s residential units are spread over a large number of buildings of different colors and designs, adding an aesthetic and cheerful touch to its residents’ everyday life. The project has witnessed, within the first moments of the first phase, a sizable demand thanks to its integrated services and premium location. On the other hand, Ezdan Oasis commercial units consist of multipurpose buildings designed with the strictest security and safety requirements in mind, and were given a good portion of the project to make Ezdan Oasis an integrated city in the heart of Al Wakair.


Notes for Editor:

Ezdan Oasis

Ezdan Oasis is the largest real estate project in the history of Ezdan Holding Group to be built on vast surface area of about 1,000,000 sqm in the Al Wakair area. Known as the “one million land” within the real estate community, Ezdan Oasis, when completed, will comprise a total number of about 9,346 residential and commercial units. One of the key aspects of the project is its 577 commercial outlets ranging from 60 sqm to 104 sqm, which will house restaurants, cafes, pharmacies, shops, bakeries, laundries and others.


Residential units on the other hand consist of 8,769 furnished apartments, ranging in size from one, two to three bedrooms. These units are expected to accommodate more than 35,000 people. In addition to that, the project includes a variety of other services and facilities that will constitute a qualitative leap for Al Wakair area, including 8 mosques, 2 schools, 14 sports clubs, 8 gyms, 10 swimming pools and a 7,000 sqm hypermarket run by a renowned retail brand.

The Oasis is an eco-friendly project, with green spaces consisting 35% of its total surface area. Other facilities and services also include multiple parking spaces, for ample space for residents and visitors, security and maintenance, Sakin Center, and Ezdan Discount Card for every tenant.