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Hundreds of signatures adorning “Tamim Al Majd” murals in Ezdan Villages

Hundreds of signatures adorning “Tamim Al Majd” murals in Ezdan Villages

08 Aug 2017

 Ezdan Real Estate Company, one of Ezdan Holding Group subsidiaries, has recently inaugurated “Tamim Al-Majd” murals in Ezdan Village (2) in Al Gharafa area and Ezdan Village (11). The initiative recorded a great turnout of local and resident tenants, visitors, and employees who were eager to express their feelings of love and pride towards Qatar’s leadership and people.

Ezdan's involvement in such a national initiative stems from the popular unified voice in the state that pledges loyalty and belonging to the beloved homeland of Qatar and its wise leadership, as well as its keenness to allow its residents to convey their national feelings towards recent events.


Commenting on the initiative, Ezdan Real Estate Acting General Manager, Mr. Omar Al Yafey said: “Installing Tamim Al Majd murals is a way to express our support to the unprecedented popular cohesion between the people and their leadership. Every soul on this blessed land is taking part in this mass drive to confirm allegiance to His Highness the Emir and the homeland. Being involved in such a wide spread national initiative embodies our utmost feelings of pride toward our country and our leader, his highness the Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, and an opportunity to renew our pledge of loyalty.”

Al Yafey pointed out that the activities attracted hundreds of participants, citizens and residents of different nationalities and age groups who flocked to the sites to show their love to the homeland and affirm their fidelity and belonging to it.


Al Yafey added that the participation of different communities alongside citizens reflects the solidarity amongst all the people of Qatar, who all meet at one fundamental truth which is their love for Qatar. This is one of the most important achievements of the siege imposed on our homeland, as it strengthened national cohesion more than ever before.