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Large Turnout on Leasing in Ezdan Oasis First Phase

Large Turnout on Leasing in Ezdan Oasis First Phase

21 Aug 2017

Ezdan Real Estate Company, a subsidiary of Ezdan Holding Group, has announced that it has witnessed an outstanding public turnout on Ezdan Oasis in a record time. Since the leasing campaign began, the company received up to 5,000 inquiries about the project, including up to 1,000 rental demands on the first phase of the project in Al Wukair area.


Ezdan Real Estate has received inquiries and demands for leasing in the Oasis through various communication channels, including Sakin centers in Doha and Al Wukair, “Ezdan WhatsApp” service, and the company’s official website, along with its official pages on social media platforms, through which over half a million people were able to learn about Ezdan Oasis project and inquire about leasing in its first phase.

Through the special offer launched recently by the company on the occasion of launching the Oasis first phase, tenants are granted eight months free of charge in Ezdan Oasis. The current phase includes 1,875 units of one, two and three bedrooms apartments distributed across 76 buildings, and equipped with high-end furniture to the satisfaction of all tastes.


In the first phase, tenants can benefit from a variety of amenities and facilities, including two mosques, gyms, and hypermarkets in a premium location, as well as 183 multi-purpose shops. Newton British Academy opens its branch at Ezdan Oasis for registration for the 2017-2018 academic year. This Academy branch is the first of its kind in Al Wakrah and Al Wukair region, and it follows rigorous and unique academic curriculum that helps students hone their skills in scientific and literary disciplines, in addition to its comprehensive educational facilities equipped with high-end technologies.


Acting General Manager of Ezdan Real Estate, Mr. Omar Al Yafey, said: “Ezdan Oasis first phase offers flexible housing solutions at competitive prices, appealing to all social categories, and meet at the same time their aspirations to have a comfortable home boasting of today’s modern housing designs, furniture and color diversity to reflect an aesthetic character that brings joy and cozy stay”.

Mr. Al Yafey added: “Ezdan Holding Group has been keen to develop a modern and integrated mini-city at the heart of Al Wukair area, to provide its residents with all services such as sports, educational and commercial facilities, in addition to meeting their aspirations for an ideal residence that combines simplicity and well-being”.


The Oasis is an environmentally friendly project that allocates 35% of its area to green spaces, giving the Oasis a unique aesthetic character. Moreover, a series of governmental infrastructure projects are being carried out in this promising area, such as the upgrading of a large roads network to serve the residents of the area and enable them to reach the heart of Doha in a short time”.

Al Yafey pointed out that the various communication channels provided by the company to interact with those who want to lease in the first phase of Ezdan Oasis, respond to their queries, and provide them with all the information about this unique residential project, have contributed to raise the turnout on the Oasis.


Ezdan Oasis, which stretches over one million square meters, is the largest real estate project launched by Ezdan Holding Group. Al Wukair region is expected to experience a major urban expansion after this project is fully launched. In addition, the project contributes to strengthening the local economy through boosting the real estate market and commercial activity, especially that it includes more than 9,000 residential, commercial and administrative units to be opened in the coming four phases.